Om3x – Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mats

Hello Yoga lovers! We all know the importance of having a good yoga mat under us right? Remember the time when your mat did not grip the floor surface well and provide you sufficient traction to complete your stretch properly! Suddenly in the middle of your asan (a yoga exercise unit) you suddenly felt the […]

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Sutra Studios: Yoga Classes Faridabad

Namaste Faridabad, Life in a bustling metropolitan city is becoming more stressful, busy – we constantly feel short of time and get a nagging feeling that somehow the life that ‘I’ have is not completely ‘my’ life! Job, spouse, children, pets, loud entertainment, the internet – all seem to demand your attention. In the middle […]

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Yoga, Fitness and Dance gets a new address in Faridabad!

Sutra Studios Faridabad is an ashtanga yoga shala as well as fitness & dance studio with very experienced and professional trainers. Various forms of fitness regimes are taught and practiced here, with a focus on movement that is both scientific and holistic as well as fun! Ashtanga Yoga Benefits: Ashtanga Yoga offer the practitioner various […]

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