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Welcome to Sutra Studios, your one stop resource on Holistic Yoga, Asanas, Meditation and Dance.

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Sutra Studios is a Yoga, Movement, Dance and Wellness laboratory in the National Capital Region (NCR) of New Delhi in India. Sutra Studios was founded by me, Himani, in 2015 when I moved to Faridabad, a NCR town.Himani Sharma

As an ardent practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga yoga as well as dancer in New Delhi since 2000, I have been able to bring the benefits of the meditative practice of yoga to many. Because of my cross-disciplinary work with body energy, I have been able to combine various practices from both in a holistic blend to suit the constraints of urban living.

Contemporary Dance Repertoire

As mentioned earlier, during this same period of more than fifteen years I have also been a professional contemporary dancer working with a creative dance center – Bhoomika till 2014. This provided me the opportunity to travel around the world as a performer as well as a student of dance.


Yoga turns life into a beautiful meditative journey, where we are conscious of each moment; of each breath of life. With such consciousness, time itself slows down allowing one to accomplish so much more in a moment. This has been my personal experience. Yoga also allowed me to discover more beauty in life and appreciate everything around me.

As a yoga and dance teacher, it is this experience that I wish to share with all my students and the world around me.

This website is an attempt to continue that journey and reach out to a larger audience and share with everyone the importance and benefits of yoga, movement and dance. Movement of any kind is but an expression of life: Yoga is the practice of meditative movement or life that heals, and dance is the joyous expression of life.


Thus, this website aims to provide information on how to restore inner channels. This can be done through practices that are as modern as they are ancient. The website will also provide you with information on the science of Ashtanga yoga, about energy channeling, on creative movement and dance. In addition, it will present the visitor, you, with a host of further links for in depth research. Also listed will be products and services that should help you to facilitate your yoga practice and journey into fitness and health.

The goal of Sutra Studios is similarly to help the community around Faridabad & Delhi NCR achieve health, joy and creativity.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer them.

All the best,

Himani Sharma
Artistic Director, Sutra Studios

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