Meditation & Ashtanga Yoga classes at Sutra Studios

Sutra Studios Faridabad is a
yoga, fitness & dance studio with very experienced and
professional trainers. Various forms of fitness regimes are taught
and practiced here, with a focus on movement that is both scientific
and holistic as well as fun!

For the last 19 years I have been both an Ashtanga
Yoga Instructor as well as a professional Contemporary Dancer.
My vision when I established Sutra Studios in 2015 was to create a
place that provided its students a balance of health and relaxation.

In this post I want to first however discuss my
vision for Yoga and Meditation.

Why should you learn Yoga?

In my nineteen year experience as a Yoga
Instructor I often get calls from people who wish to learn Yoga
specific reasons. They usually want to learn Yoga for various
reasons: either the doctor has advised them to do yoga for stress
relief or body toning or getting a desired shape, losing weight, or
anger management, or getting relief from hypertension,
blood-pressure, depression etc.

Do you know why people find solutions to so many
problems in Yoga? Why do you want to learn Yoga?

Yoga is about finding YOUR own balance

At Sutra Studios the purpose and vision to teach
You yoga is not about finding a solution for any individual problem.
The purpose is HOLISTIC in nature and therefore of
another level; a level where you yourself are empowered to be the

Only through balance of mind, body and breath can
You successfully meet the challenges that life throws at you.

The purpose of Yoga and the vision of Sutra
Studios is to help you find that balance.

We help you take the first step

I am human.

It is important that we first accept ourselves;
accept that we have flaws.

As a yoga practitioner we need to accept our
shortcomings – only then is positive change possible.

Once you accept your flaws, you have already taken
the first step and are ready for a change; yoga then empowers you to
be the change.

Yoga @ Sutra Studios

Yoga at Sutra Studios is not only what we do on
the mat. At our studios we encourage and empower you to take your
Yoga practice off the mat and into your life and lifestyle. This is
done in the tradition of Ashtanga or eight-limbed Yoga.
We live in the 21st century, where the ways and codes of life are
very different and also constantly in a flux or change. At our
studios we try to help you find the inner balance to smoothly deal
with your life and its changes.

Slowly and gradually we will begin to find more
balance and space between our Karmas or actions.

At Sutra Studios the method of teaching yoga
adopted is to provide You with holistic benefits. At our
studios the mind and body finds balance through a blend of Ashtanga
Yoga practice and philosophy.

The Yoga is designed to improve the overall mood,
which in turn improves the overall health. Special emphasis is laid
on Dhyana Yoga or Meditation as well as Pranayama or Breath Control/
Management. Through these yoga practices we learn to calm our
thoughts and relax our mind as well as develop Mindfulness and an
Inner Stillness – qualities that help us in dealing with anxiety,
confusion, anger, depression, fear etc. As you learn the holding
techniques for various ashtanga yoga postures and positions, you will
also learn how to master your inhalation and exhalation or flow of your Prana.

In addition, there are days on which energy
releasing forms of yoga or energetic yoga is practiced. These are
equally important to calm the mind and regulate our breathing.

At Sutra Studios we create an atmosphere where the
different parts of yoga i.e. Asana, Pranayama,
Dhyana and Dharna are balanced.

Sutra helps bring the benefits of Yoga into Your

Combining the practice of the different limbs of
yoga helps the practitioner i.e. You to add more energy to your
day-to-day life. It will help you to remove your focus from the
negative aspects of life and focus on the positives that life offers

Self motivation is also a part of the yoga
teachings that your instructors will impart to you.

This motivation starts with your yoga practice:
first finding motivation to be regular in your yoga class and
practice. Every class has been designed in such a manner that it
actively engages Your energy and the energy of all its participants:
the classes will gradually help you increase your strength,
flexibility and stamina. Yoga will then move you through challenging
yourself and achieving goals, small to big, that you set for
yourself. This in turn will teach us the importance of motivation in
practice as well as life.

So, come and experience meditation and yoga class, in its holistic tradition with Sutra Studios Faridabad. You can also follow me on Instagram @sutra_himani for Yoga-videos! Or call me/ drop me a message. I look forward to talking with you.

3 thoughts on “Meditation & Ashtanga Yoga classes at Sutra Studios”

  1. Best yoga teacher you can ever get: One who will try her level best to make sure that who so ever comes to her class should be happy and satisfied,
    the way she teaches and the way she motivates is just perfect, she is always there to support whenever you think you can’t do it, she makes sure you are doing with the right posture and about meditation, she can take you to another world where you leave all your stress and get so relaxed. Can’t thank her enough for how she makes me feel, I’ve turned so confident and flexible.

    Thanks Himani :))

    Ashwin Kaur

  2. I am Japanese chizuru murayama. I will go to Faridabad sector 21A from 20th to 27th of this month. I am very interested in yoga. I would like to do it if possible. I would like to tour even if I can not participate. I can only speak Japanese and a little English. We look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Hello Chizuru,

    Welcome to Sutra Studios! Of course we would love to have you with us for the time you are here in Faridabad.

    The International Yoga day is on the 21st of June. On this occasion we Sutra Studios is conducting a Yoga Camp for the Indian Army in another Indian state – Punjab. Therefore we are shut till the 23rd.

    However it would be nice if you could join us from the 24. to 27.06. We would love to give you a brief introduction to Yoga!

    Please call me on: 9891525854

    Himani 🙂

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