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Hello Yoga lovers!

We all know the importance of having a good yoga mat under us right? Remember the time when your mat did not grip the floor surface well and provide you sufficient traction to complete your stretch properly! Suddenly in the middle of your asan (a yoga exercise unit) you suddenly felt the ground slipping beneath you? Actually it was just the mat slipping beneath your feet, right?

And immediately your attention was diverted from the posture into making sure that the mat didn’t slide any further and make you lose your balance?

These days finding a yoga mat that is just correct for you and also the environment has become quite a task; an eco-friendly yoga mat that helps you strengthen your balance. Well, in this space I review mats of different manufacturers every week and try and give you an balanced review about the pros & cons of the mat. So that you are empowered in your final purchase!

Today the review will cover two yoga mats of the company Om3x or Om three times. The company prides itself in bringing environmentally friendly and sustainably manufactured Yoga gear to fellow Yogis and Yogins around the world. Today we are reviewing two of their leading yoga mats:

The Dreamcatcher Yoga Mat from Om3x

The Dreamcatcher

The Ocean Turquoise Yoga Mat from Om3x

The Ocean Turquoise

Both mats are made of natural rubber & micro-fiber – materials that offer a sturdy floor grip & near zero displacement; they are non-slip in nature and grip different types of floor surfaces well – from wood to tiles! Natural rubber is bio-degradable and also helps manage sweat absorption. In addition, these mats are manufactured from hypoallergenic allergic material that is PVC free & that will help you avoid itchiness or skin irritation on prolonged use.

Occasionally however, the one con that became apparent to me as a yogin were the peace evoking, yet slightly distracting colors of the mats. I for one prefer practicing on a relatively low key or color muted mat. This offers me more time to connect inwards; and this is best done without distracting elements. Too many colors in the environment is for me often a tad concentration-hampering.

So yes, it took me a little while to get used to colors – but standing in cool water on a serene beachfront, with water lapping around my ankles  – soon brought me back some cooling peace 🙂

And finally: the realization that upon proper disposal, Om3x mats are 100% biodegradable – that was another positive feeling!

Wishing you a peaceful and uplifting yoga practice.

Tat twam asi – That thou art – You are that

The Sutra Team

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