Sutra Studios 2021 – a brand new experience!

Sutra Studios 2021 is back in a new avatar. The refreshingly new zen ambiance at the yogshala has been created by avant-garde designer Ayesha Chawla and it will provide you with more silence, comfort and space to help you find peace & health through optimum yoga practice.

Now Sutra Studios offers its members both Offline and Online Yoga sessions. We have already provided yoga sessions not only to people living in India, but also in Europe and the US. If you are looking to learn and gain the benefits of Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga or Iyengar Yoga – Sutra Studios 2021 will help you find the right practice!

The world finds itself in the grip of novel and challenging times; since end 2019 – when the terms Corona virus, Covid-19, Quarantine, PPE, Oximeter, N95, epidemic, pandemic etc. started entering our mainstream active vocabulary, to the present – life has now taken a completely unrecognizable direction. Consequently, the challenges to health, livelihood as well as lifestyle that have been thrown up by the pandemic, have only multiplied.

Sutra Studios and its yoga instructors have taken time to understand the challenges and have fine-tuned the yoga pranayama & asanas to address these issues.

Emphasis on making your lungs healthy and improving capacity!

Yoga has always given supreme importance to Breathing. This is because yoga determined that air or prana
is the first prerequisite of life; it is the most essential life giving force.

Without air – nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide etc. – life would not exist on earth. Prana
is also the most essential ingredient to our health. Pranic breath brings to us the primary life & health sustaining gas, namely oxygen.

So, the main purpose of Pranayama – the yogic science for right breathing – is to improve our lung capacity and make our lungs healthy.

When our lungs are healthy, we can take in more Oxygen and remove the toxin carrying gas – Carbon dioxide – more efficiently. Pranayama hence is all about improving the functioning of your lungs as well as other vital organs.

During this stressful pandemic we have seen that the primary organ that the Corona virus attacks and damages is the lungs. This often causes severe respiratory impairment, leaving the sufferer short of breath and with falling Oxygen levels. That means your blood may not supply your organs with enough oxygen to survive. This can cause your kidneys, lungs, and liver to shut down and stop working. Luckily, not everyone who has COVID-19 develops these serious complications.

But in extreme cases this leads to death, as has become very commonplace during the Corona pandemic. Middle aged and elderly are particularly susceptible to it.

At Sutra Studios we now lay a great importance to the practice of Pranayama combined with Asanas; to help your body and lungs maintain optimum health. This will help you in warding off Covid-19; and in case you still catch it – it should ensure that the illness remains mild. In addition, Ashtanga yoga also helps in the management of other lifestyle issues such as Diabetes, Blood-pressure, PCOD, PCOS, Anxiety, fatigue, thyroid issues, spondylitis, and depression.

Aerial Yoga!

Introducing the first full time Aerial yoga studio in Faridabad…

Sutra Studios brings to you the numerous benefits of Aerial yoga:

It improves your body flexibility and stretching capacity; your joints and muscles will be strengthened and reinvigorated; aerial yoga improves core strength and is known to be one of the best ab-workouts available; aerial yoga also facilitates spinal decompression by allowing the body to hang freely.

Aerial yoga brings a sense of freedom – which helps promote your emotional, psychological & spiritual well-being

Anti-Gravity Yoga!

The yoga walls with ropes at Sutra Studios are a safe and important tool for fine-tuning your practice as well as correcting underlying imbalances that manifest as injuries and chronic pain. The Yoga Wall, first developed by B.K.S. Iyengar, is often referred to as Kurunta. At Sutra Studios we choose to call it ‘Anti-gravity Yoga’; because in this yoga form the practitioner begins to feel that he or she is free from gravity!

The reality is quite the opposite: the ropes actually amplify the force of gravity by offering a feeling of security and support; this allows you to experience the benefits of a different yoga postures without straining or injury. By embracing gravity, the rope allows you to safely open up and achieve a deeper and more efficient stretch. From beginner to advanced, this practice is beneficial for everyone! We always have a spot for you on the ropes!

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