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Namaste Faridabad,

Life in a bustling metropolitan city is becoming more stressful, busy – we constantly feel short of time and get a nagging feeling that somehow the life that ‘I’ have is not completely ‘my’ life! Job, spouse, children, pets, loud entertainment, the internet – all seem to demand your attention. In the middle of this chaos where can you get space?

Yes, haha … Faridabad has now become a part of the metropolis of Delhi NCR. So yes, all the issues of metropolitan life have arrived in this satellite town.

Does life in Faridabad sometimes leave you feeling tired, empty or hollow? Or leave you wondering on how to manage so many issues together? Do you feel lost sometimes? Like sometimes not having time to figure it all out! Like you are not connected with external objects?

This post will discuss a solution to these issues and how you can use the ancient art of yoga and meditation to connect with yourself. Yes, it is possible to do all this even in Faridabad.

Yoga to reduce stress and anxiety

Modern life can sometimes be overwhelming – with its many ups and downs. Work stress. Family stress. Boyfriend or girlfriend stress. Medical stress. Children stress. Parents stress. Exam stress. Competition. Promotion stress – milega ya, nahi milega? Bills, budget stress… Life seems to be broken into so many compartments and each one of them has its own type of stress!

Somehow these stresses do not let you feel whole anymore … life is all about managing one stress after another. It leaves even me, a yoga teacher, feeling anxious once in a while. Leaves me wondering where my life is going? So from personal experience, I know other people also must be left feeling the same. It must leave people with the feeling that they have very big and critical issues to handle.

But yes: a solution does exist. A solution to reconnect with your inner self, your breath, and to be in the moment.

Because in a moment, when you are aware of it – aware of your breath – you connect with yourself; in that moment there can be no problem – only a decision. Hence, you are empowered to deal with whatever issue life throws at you.

At Sutra Studios, at our yoga classes at our studios in Sector 21A, Faridabad, we empower each practitioner or student to be the solution. To find his or her own solution. To connect with your true self and see each issue as it is; as a small challenge that only you have the strength to overcome.

Yoga is routine and it helps add a personal framework to your life

Regular yoga practice will add personal routine to your life. I’m guessing that you, like many city residents, often feel overwhelmed or not connected to yourself or stressed out. Jaise ki, OMG, yeh toh life bhi appun ka nahi hai! Right? When will the next holiday or vacation come? When I can just run away from all this madness and leave it behind!

The secret to managing living in any city is all about creating a regular personal routine or personal time for yourself; time and space where you can detach yourself from your Mind and focus just on your real Self.

‘Focus on my Self?’

Sure I do that, you must be saying to yourself: I watch TV, go and see a movie now and then, read a book, go to restaurants and so on!

What if I tell you that all these activities are not designed to make you spend time or focus on yourself? Rather, these activities are primarily designed to get you engrossed with the external world, with objects and the world around you; designed to basically get you lost in the world.

In the Indian Vedic sciences and philosophy the external world is given the station or designation of Moh Maya; transient objects that are basically illusory in nature. Losing yourself in an illusion however equals to losing peace, your mind and health!

Yoga on the other hand takes your attention away from the objectified world that surrounds you and places your attention, the focus on You. On your breath. On your body. Upon how your body moves, feels and responds.

So, come and experience yoga and pranayama with us at Sutra Studios. Our sessions are designed to help you connect with your breath and with yourself. Come and experience You!

Our yoga and meditation classes are designed to help you create a personal routine that will transform the way you respond and deal with your daily life!

Yoga and Your Body

Yoga is like your personal health trainer and therapist. It helps you guide your attention onto how your body is responding to the issues and problems in life.

Attention is like your own personal doctor and therapist rolled into one! By learning how to place your undivided attention on your Self, you can experience its healing properties, managing mind and body, finding solutions to your problems.

Yoga is now globally recognized system to deal with and manage a host of medical conditions. A few examples of these are:

  1.     Yoga for Weight Loss
  2.     Yoga for Thyroid
  3.     Yoga for Back pain or Knee pain
  4.     Yoga for high BP
  5.     Yoga for Asthama
  6.     Yoga for Anxiety
  7.     Yoga for Peace and Harmony

Ashtanga Yoga classes Faridabad with Sutra Studios

Our Ashtanga yoga classes in Faridabad will help you experience the real you, the real Self. The real Self is elusive and hard to find – each time our attention is drawn outside of us, the connection is lost. Ashtanga Yoga, also known as he eight-limbed yoga path, breaks down the route to self-realization into eight smaller steps.

Self-realization is the ultimate goal of all life. Please consider everything that you do each day. In all our activities we are looking for recognition or realization externally – at home from family members and at the workplace from your peers or superiors. What ‘I’ do not realize is the fact that ‘I’ am actually seeking recognition for my Self, seeking it in my own Mind, for my own Satisfaction or Peace.

Ashtanga yoga breaks down this process of attaining self-realization into eight steps, steps that are relevant even in the 21st century and can be adjusted and fit into our lives.  The eight steps are: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana & Samadhi.

The Ashtanga yoga benefits are for all to have and experience – this is the motto of Sutra Studios! At our studio we teach Ashtanga yoga poses for beginners to poses for advanced practitioners. Here you will also experience rapid improvement in your ashtanga yoga practice and experience talks on its philosophy.

At Sutra Studios we focus upon the practices required to master the first seven (from Yama, the control of our senses, to Dhyana or meditation). Samadhi or complete self-realization or complete absorption in the Infinite is the reality we all seek. We at Sutra Studios hope we are contributing towards this final destination and purpose of life too!

Please just think of your life.

99.99% of your life, of anyone’s life really, deals with things and issues outside of us or them: family issues (of parents, children, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts…), job issues, education issues, country, politics, religion, people, car, pets movies, books, internet, travel and so on.

It is nearly impossible to focus on yourself even 5% of the time! We move through life sometimes like robots – processing one thing after another.

At Sutra Studios Faridabad our experienced instructors will help you discover the internal connection to yourself and even to the world around you! The pranayama and meditation is fashioned in a manner that it will help you re-discover breathing; this in turn will help you empty your mind and find space, strength and peace within the Self.

So, come and join us and try finding your own connections, discover your own solutions, discover peace within the Self. You are welcome to take a few trial sessions with us; and continue your journey only if you feel closer home to your Self, closer to joy.

Tat tvam asi – That thou art, That art thou, You are that.

Himani Sharma

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