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Yoga @ Sutra Studios with Himani!
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  1. Sutra Studios is highly recommended … it has very experienced and good yoga instructors! Himani is the best … I used to take personal classes from her… she helped me with my spondylitis … Sutra is highly recommended to those seeking help with movement problems or other medical issues!


    Neelam Rai Singh
    Beckon Tours and Travels

  2. Hmm….from where I should start ??
    Never used to love yoga that way before Sutra; but after joining Sutra Studios I learnt Yoga which was fun and which helped me personally.My instructor Himani is a motivational force behind my beautiful workout routine … she always pushes u towards your maximum capacity level.
    I would say a life changing event for me…u feel so complete & rejuvenated after doing yoga Asanas here,so satisfied!?

    Good luck to you Himani …hope u show this beautiful path to as many as people u can 🙂

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