Yoga, Fitness and Dance gets a new address in Faridabad!

Sutra Studios Faridabad is an ashtanga yoga shala as well as fitness & dance studio with very experienced and professional trainers. Various forms of fitness regimes are taught and practiced here, with a focus on movement that is both scientific and holistic as well as fun!

Ashtanga Yoga Benefits:

Ashtanga Yoga offer the practitioner various health benefits. These can include weight loss, body strengthening and toning, stamina building, improvement of flexibility, hormone balancing, blood sugar and blood pressure control, yoga is a recognized PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) and thyroid problem solution. Yoga is also very effective for the management of stress and anger and a host of other medical conditions.

At Sutra Studios we work with each student to help her or him to find solutions for their medical problems or issues.

Himani Sharma

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