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  1. Once you join Sutra, you will never want to leave. There is no better fitness studio than Sutra and you will never find an instructor as wonderful as Himani in Faridabad. Thank You, Sutra, for the wonderful experience, you completey transformed my body!

  2. A perfect balance of fun and fitness.Thank you for helping me achieve my fitness goals in an effective yet fun way

    1. Thanks Doc!! This balance is created by you!

      It is your continuous engagement with Sutra that has allowed us to blossom!

      When you are having fun, keeping fit is easy.

      Love, Himani πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve tried so many other Zumba classes previously; but Sutra is the best so far!! By the end of the zumba class you will be drenched with sweat … but you will have the most amazing feeling that you can ever get! The class never get boring: Himani tries her level best to bring new songs and mixes it with new exercise every time!! She just makes the class even more interesting and fun! Love to learn from Himani. Thanks :))

    Ashwin Kaur

  4. Sutra is one stop destination of fitness . I am reinventing myself after relocating to Faridabad , it’s very important to give oneself β€œ Me β€œ time especially in such stressful environment. Our mentor Himani is on point and by the end of every class everyone glitters with sweat of joy . Sutra is a complete amalgamation of mind , body and soul .

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